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    (Noni) Morinda citrofolia fruit – 150g Original price was: ₵50.50.Current price is: ₵35.00. Sold By: GMF Store

    Noni is a dramatically foliaged evergreen shrub or small tree with a conical crown; it usually grows 2 – 6 metres tall, occasionally to 10 metres. The bole can be 12cm in diameter. Noni has long had a reputation for its healing qualities. The unripe fruit is used in Indian cooking in sambals and curries. Young leaves and blanched shoots – raw or steamed, added to curries etc. They contain 4.5 – 6% protein. The leaves are a rich source of vitamin A. Most parts of noni have been widely used medicinally since ancient times. The fruit contains rancid smelling capric acid and unpleasant tasting caprylic acid. It is thought that antibiotically active compounds are present.

    The fruits are used as a diuretic, a laxative, an emollient and as an emmenagogue, for treating asthma and other respiratory problems

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    Aframomum melegueta 100g-(Akan- Fam wisa) Original price was: ₵10.50.Current price is: ₵9.00. Sold By: GMF Store

    Grains of paradise consists of the dried mature seeds of Aframomum melegueta. A tufted leafy herbaceous perennial plant up to 2m high; leaves are distichously arranged. Although used mainly as a condiment, the seeds also have a stimulant action on the digestive system, strengthening and warming the stomach. They are used to alleviate indigestion, flatulence and bloating and help to relieve abdominal discomfort due to colic or griping. The seeds can help to reduce or prevent vomiting and to bring relief from nausea. They have also been used as an aphrodisiac. The seed is used to treat head colds, influenza, slight abdominal pains, constipation, menstrual pains and rheumatism. Combined with Zingiber officinale, they are used to treat colds and fever. Crushed in citron juice, they are employed for treating glandular problems. The pulverised seeds are used in an enema for treating constipation pains, and are mixed with mustard oil in an ointment for easing arthritis pains. The seeds are pulverised with the seeds of Piper nigrum and then mixed with coconut oil to make an ointment that is used to treat general swellings and pains. Studies on the sexual behaviour of male rats showed that A. melegueta and P. guineense increased sexual arousal (Kamtchouing et al., 2002).

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    African nutmeg- Monodora(150g) Original price was: ₵20.00.Current price is: ₵10.00. Sold By: GMF Store

    African nutmeg is a deciduous tree with a huge, lush crown; it can grow from 10 – 35 metres tall. The bole can be up to 2 metres in diameter. The tree is particularly valued for its aromatic seed, which is used as a condiment, medicinally, and also to make rosaries and necklaces. Usually harvested from the wild, the seeds are often sold in local markets in W. Africa. The tree is also occasionally cultivated for its seeds on the Antilles and in Indonesia. A very ornamental tree with its attractive leaves and orchid-like, conspicuous and scented flowers.’

    The aromatic seeds are ground into a powder then used as a condiment in food, providing a flavour resembling that of nutmeg. The seeds are embedded in a white sweet-smelling pulp of a fruit that can be 20cm long by 15cm in diameter.

    The aromatic seeds are antiemetic, aperient, stimulant, stomachic and tonic. They are used as a stimulating addition to medicines. Ground to a powder they may be taken to treat digestive problems and relieve constipation. Applied externally in the form of a powder, or made up into an oily pomade, the seed can be applied to sores, especially those caused by the guinea-worm. It is also applied to rid the body of fleas and lice.The seeds are chewed up and applied to the forehead to relieve headaches and migraine

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    Alafia bitters Original price was: ₵40.00.Current price is: ₵30.00. Sold By: GMF Store
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    Bay Leaves – 100g Original price was: ₵15.00.Current price is: ₵13.50. Sold By: GMF Store
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    Bitter Kola Nuts-500g Original price was: ₵50.00.Current price is: ₵45.00. Sold By: GMF Store
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    Carrots-1kg Original price was: ₵15.00.Current price is: ₵12.00. Sold By: GMF Store
  • Chardica Powder Original price was: ₵19.00.Current price is: ₵18.00. Sold By: Centre For Plant Medicine research
  • Cloves-150g Original price was: ₵30.00.Current price is: ₵28.00. Sold By: GMF Store

    The clove tree is monoecious, flowers are hermaphrodite and self-pollinating. The tree matures between 8-10 years after planting. Clove trees live for more than 100 years, the oldest tree recorded is aged 375 years in Indonesia. Generally, it takes 20-30 years for clove to attain full bearing.  The best quality cloves for use as a spice are grown in the wetter climates where annual rainfall is in excess of 1,500mm and usually in the range 3,000 – 4,000mm

    Cloves, and the essential oil contained in them, are often used medicinally. A spicy, warming, stimulant herb, it is strongly antiseptic, relieves pain, controls nausea and vomiting, improves digestion, protects against intestinal parasites, and causes uterine contractions. Cloves are taken internally as a tea in the treatment of internal parasites, stomach upsets, chills, and impotence. The flower buds are chewed to freshen the breath or ease the pain of toothache.

    The essential oil is applied externally in the treatment of toothache, headache, cold, arthritis, and rheumatism. It is also useful for treating ulcers, bruises, burns, bronchitis, asthma, minor infections, and colic. It is sometimes used to ease nausea. Two little-known compounds in clove oil have shown ‘strong activity’ against bacteria associated with plaque formation and gum disease. Clove oil is very potent and can cause gum irritation, it is advisable to dilute it with equal amounts of vegetable oil. For infants and even milder dilution is required. Use should be avoided during pregnancy, or if with sensitive skin

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    COA MIXTURE Original price was: ₵150.00.Current price is: ₵130.00. Sold By: GMF Store

    COA MIXTURE (Formally COA FS) is a herbal medicine for General Wellbeing, hence you can take it whether you are sick or not. Also, you can take it to SUPPORT treatment of any sickness, disease or infection.

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    CSIR Prekese syrup Original price was: ₵46.00.Current price is: ₵40.99. Sold By: GMF Store
  • Cucumber- 1kg Original price was: ₵16.00.Current price is: ₵15.00. Sold By: gMedFarms
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    Fada Martins (Roman Father) Herbal mixture Original price was: ₵20.00.Current price is: ₵17.00. Sold By: gMedFarms
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    Gbedemah Garlic Mixture Original price was: ₵30.00.Current price is: ₵29.00. Sold By: GMF Store

    Gbedemah garlic mixture is a locally made garlic mixture from pure and potent detoxifying, anti-lipidemic and immune boosting herbs. Certified and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority and beautifully packaged.

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    Ginseng Roots -250g Original price was: ₵100.00.Current price is: ₵65.00. Sold By: gMedFarms
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    Green Tea Original price was: ₵45.00.Current price is: ₵40.20. Sold By: Capital 02
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