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    ACTUAL PLUS 765.00 Sold By: Phytoscience

    By taking this product you get to adopt the best way to boost, strengthen and build your immune system.

    1050 in stock

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    CRYSTAL CELL 515.00 Sold By: Phytoscience

    Phyto Science proudly presents a new revolutionary product birth from years of research. Tested vigorously for its potency and purity to produce a balanced formula. Phytoene & Phytofluene extracted from tomatoes has the unique ability of blocking harmful free radicals from UV rays and those produced inwardly. As a result, your cells becomes healthy devoid of free radicals and also cause  your skin to be supple and radiant while your body’s health improves continuously.

    950 in stock (can be backordered)

  • -10%Limited
    Cyperus esculentus (akan name: Atadwe) – 100g 14.00 Sold By: GMF Store

    Cyperus esculentus is a perennial grass-like plant producing solitary culms 10 – 90cm tall from numerous, spreading, underground stolons. The apex of the stolons swells to form ellipsoid to globose tubers 10 – 18mm long. Tiger nuts are regarded as a digestive tonic, having a heating and drying effect on the digestive system and alleviating flatulence. They also promote urine production and menstruation. The tubers are said to be aphrodisiac, carminative, diuretic, emmenagogue, stimulant and tonic

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    Flax seed- 100g 7.00 Sold By: GMF Store
  • -3%Limited
    MIRACLE INTENCE ESSENCE 705.00 Sold By: Phytoscience

    Exclusively formulated with award winning active ingredients, Triple StemCell Miracle Intense Essence helps maintain perfect cellular balance. Formulated with three stem cells and DermCom, it is the elixir of youth with highly effective anti-ageing properties. Leave your friends wondering the secret to your youth!

    2309 in stock

  • -1%Limited
    NU FORTE 1,015.00 Sold By: Phytoscience

    It is fortified with natural plant protein source such as brown rice, soy protein, pea protein, MCT oil,lipocal and vitamin D3A meal on it own. Protein replacement supplement

    745 in stock

  • NEW-3%Limited
    Taabea Zenecare -500ml 29.00 Sold By: GMF Store

    Taabea Zenecare; Locally produced herbal medicine for immune boosting and general welbeing

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