DIY Recipes: How to make fufu flour at home

Fufu is a staple food in many African countries, typically made from starchy root tubers like cassava, yams, or cocoyam.

Making fufu flour at home involves processing these starchy tubers into a fine powder.

Here’s a basic guide on how to make fufu flour from cassava and plantain:


  • Cassava roots
  • plantain
  • Equipment:
  • Peeler
  • Grater or food processor
  • Cheesecloth or a clean kitchen towel
  • Large bowl
  • Heavy weights or a press (optional)


  • 1. Choose and peel cassava and plantain:
  • · Select fresh, healthy cassava roots and Plantain. Peel them.
  • 2. Grate cassava and plantain:
  • · Grate the peeled cassava and plantain using a grater or a food processor. Ensure that the pieces are small for easier drying and milling.
  • 3. Squeeze out liquid:
  • · Place the grated cassava and plantain in a clean cheesecloth or kitchen towel.
  • Squeeze out excess liquid from the grated cassava and plantain. This process is crucial for obtaining dry fufu flour.
  • 4. Sun drying (Optional):
  • · Spread the squeezed cassava and plantain on a clean, flat tray to dry under the sun.
  • This step helps to reduce moisture content. It may take a few days, depending on the weather.
  • 5. Grind into flour:
  • · Once the plantain and cassava are completely dry, use a mill or a grinder to turn the dried cassava into a fine powder. This is your homemade fufu flour.
  • 6. Sieve (Optional):
  • · Pass the flour through a fine mesh sieve to ensure a smooth texture and remove any coarse particles.
  • 7. Pack and store:
  • · Store the fufu flour in an airtight container to keep it dry and prevent moisture absorption.
  • Tips:
  • Ensure that the plantain and cassava are fully dry before grinding to avoid clumps in the flour.
  • You can use a heavy press or weights to further compact the cassava and plantain before drying to expedite the process.
  • Store the fufu flour in a cool, dry place to prevent spoilage.
  • Making fufu flour at home requires time and effort. This recipe is suitable for those who live in a place where pounding fufu will be inconvenient.

Source: PulseGhana

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