Misuse, abuse of energy drinks could contribute to surge in kidney health problems – Apaak

In a bid to address the rising concerns over the adverse effects of certain energy drinks on kidney health, Dr. Clement Apaak, Member of Parliament for the Builsa South constituency, has called upon health professionals to amplify awareness efforts.

He warns that the misuse and abuse of these beverages are prevalent in local markets and could significantly contribute to the surging incidence of kidney diseases among young individuals.

Dr. Apaak underscored the lack of awareness surrounding the potential dangers posed by these beverages, highlighting that many individuals consume them excessively without realizing the health risks they pose.

“We need to conscientize efforts, from both the health perspective and that of lawmakers, to address this pressing issue,” he stressed.

His remarks coincided with a generous donation of GHS 5,000.00 towards the establishment of a much-needed Dialysis Center at the Upper East Regional Hospital.

This gesture aims to alleviate the burden of kidney disease management in the region, providing crucial support for those affected.

Expressing profound gratitude for Dr. Apaak’s contribution, Emmanuel Akatibo, a Physician Assistant and advocate for the Dialysis Center initiative, emphasized the significance of the donation in advancing the establishment of the center. He pledged to ensure its efficient utilization for the benefit of the community.

In addition to expressing gratitude, Akatibo pledged to spearhead advocacy efforts aimed at educating the public about the importance of kidney health awareness and proactive measures.

He emphasized the crucial role of early detection and lifestyle interventions in mitigating the prevalence of kidney diseases, promising to prioritize community education and outreach initiatives


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