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    Dr Lamar Delay Spray for prolonged sexual enhancement. Cure premature ejaculation
    Dr Lamar Delay Spray for prolonged sexual enhancement
    Dr Lamar Delay Spray 105.00 Sold By: gHerbatek

    Dr Lamar delay spray is a natural and herbal formulation ideal for enhancing sexual performance, and increased libido. Dr Lamar delay spray will also Increase the dick/penis size by 2cm!

    • 100% Natural active ingredients
    • Enhanced sexual drive
    • Cure premature ejaculation
  • Gbedemah Koo Capsules 26.00 Sold By: gHerbatek

    Gbedemah Koo Capsules is a potent herbal preparation formulated in a capsule form to help in the treatment of hemorrhoid, waist pain and constipation.

    It improves bowel movement and brings about free bowels. Soften stools to make passing them out easier and effortless, in turn making the user avoid straining.

    Potent for the treatment of hemorrhoid, commonly known as piles.

    Also helps expel excess mucus from the colon.

    Relieves waist pain with continuous use.

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    Prosluv Capsules on Rafamall Marketplace
    Prosluv Capsules 35.00 Sold By: gHerbatek

    Prosluv Capsules contains a high-strength formula that promotes optimal prostate health, Enhances natural urinary flow. A dietary supplement for men specifically formulated to treat male complaints.