5 ways to use cucumber for cool and clear skin

Cucumber is an ingredient that works well for your skin. Here are the benefits of cucumber for skin that you must know and how to include it in your skincare routine!

Have you ever wondered why people put cucumber slices on their eyes when they have puffy eyes? It is because cucumber contains amazing benefits for the skin, and it is super easy to include this juicy vegetable. It is a refreshing and cooling goodie that not only adds deliciousness to salads but also offers several benefits for your skin. Cucumbers also contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that give your skin a glow inside and out! Know all the benefits of cucumber for skin and how you can incorporate it into your diet.

Is cucumber good for the skin?

Applying cucumber on the skin is a skincare trend that will never fade and for the right reasons. Cucumber is a nutritious fruit that has high water content and is rich in electrolytes. It contains vitamins A, B, and C and folic acid, which makes it beneficial for your skin and overall health. Cucumber naturally has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce puffiness, and increase skin elasticity. This is why people often apply raw the slices under their eyes to reduce dark circles, and inflammation making your skin look fresh and glowing, says dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor.

A study published in the journal Fitoterapia found that cucumber is very high in water content, and contains other properties that help remove waste and chemical toxins. It may also provide a soothing effect against skin irritations and reduce swelling. These are also refrigerant, hemostatic, and tonic, all of which help provide a cooling effect on the body, including your skin.

What are the benefits of cucumber for skin?

Rich in essential nutrients, cucumber has numerous benefits for the skin. Dr Kapoor says that it offers the following benefits for skin:

  • Vitamin K in cucumber can make your skin look naturally fresh, reduce dark circles, improve blood circulation, and heal wounds and scars.
  • Cucumber is known for its high water content which helps keep your skin hydrated and supple.
  • Various skin care products use cucumber extracts due to their healing properties, which every skin type can use.

It can be found in various skincare products like toners, serums, face masks, moisturizing creams, scrubs, cleansers, and under-eye creams.

How to use cucumber for skin?

You can use it in numerous ways to include in your skincare routine:

1. Use it raw

Apply it on your face in the form of raw slices or a DIY face mask by grating it and applying it directly.

2. Cucumber face pack

Mix cucumber with other ingredients like honey, aloe vera, or yoghurt. Create a fine paste with shredded cucumber and yogurt. Apply a generous layer of this paste on your entire face and let it sit for more than 10 to 15 minutes. Once the face pack dries out, rinse it with warm water. This cucumber and yogurt face mask can help tighten your pores, remove dirt, and improve skin complexion.

3. Cucumber toner

Wash, peel, and slice a cucumber. Add it to a pan and heat over a low flame for roughly 5-7 minutes. Now, blend the mixture and pour it with a mesh sieve to get rid of the chunky pieces. You can also add rose water to the mix. Apply the toner directly on the skin. This mix soothes burnt or damaged skin.

4. Cucumber water

Simply mix cucumber water with an aloe vera or green tea soap. Splash your face with cucumber water to keep yourself feeling refreshed and hydrated.

5. Cucumber scrub

Grate a cucumber and mix some sugar or oatmeal to create an exfoliating scrub. Once prepared, massage it on your skin in a circular motion, then rinse off with water. It will help remove dead skin cells and make your skin look smooth.

Who should avoid using cucumbers for their skin?

Cucumbers may cause allergic reactions in people who have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain fruits and vegetables. Individuals who can get an allergic reaction should avoid applying cucumber directly on their face as it can cause irritation, redness, inflammation, and itching. Applying cucumber-based products on open wounds, or fresh cuts can also trigger skin problems and lead to infection. It is best to consult your doctor to avoid any complications.

Are there any side effects of using cucumber for the skin?

Individuals with sensitive skin or a history of skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea can experience potential side effects like burning sensation, dryness, acne, pimples, and irritation.

Cucumber has certain compounds called psoralens that could react under harmful UV rays. So those with photodermatitis or sun allergy should avoid using it on their skin, as they might experience allergic reactions. Existing symptoms of photodermatitis such as irritation, sunburn, itching, and blisters can worsen with the overuse of it or cucumber-based products

Overusing cucumber can drain all the essential oils from your skin making it appear dry and dull. Using it along with other skincare products can lead to skin sensitivity and reduce the effectiveness of the other products, recommends the expert.

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