The ‘saggy breast’ story; self-worth vs misconception

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  1. Throwback dialog with Pardikie in 2018
  2. The Conversation with Pardikie in 2022
  3. Time with Dr. Kelvin Owusu [Head, Occupational Health & Wellness, Claron Health International]
  4. Nutritionist Akosua on Saggy Breasts

Time: 9am. Year: December 2018, the block-made room in Osu had soaked the rains, making its nucleus chilly. Abugre, laying on his abdomen, makes the bachelor’s sleeping signature within the chilly climate and strolls on WhatsApp.

Digitally roaming, he witnessed a brand new marketing campaign on a buddy’s standing. She is an advocate of saggy breasts [informally referred to as fallen breasts]. Googling his ignorance, he tapped on the photographs tab, then growth!

Pictures of saggy breasts popped up on his display screen.

Saggy breasts merely discuss with breasts that are going through right down to earth or, as Pardikie will say, breasts that may’t defy gravity. Saggy breasts might be attributed to genetics, food plan or way of life; subsequently it’s deceptive responsible it on promiscuity.

Such an attribution solely nurtures low self-esteem. Don’t be ashamed if in case you have saggy breasts.

Some discuss with them as ‘fallen heroes’, however are they?

The human physique undergoes adjustments; subsequently, we have to perceive and discard these misconceptions about saggy boobs that make others have low self-esteem.

Pardikie was speaking about saggy breasts on her standing, so I engaged her. Read this dialog I had with one in every of your ancestors on the problem of the fallen breasts. So that is the way it began:

Throwback dialog with Pardikie in 2018

Abugre (scrolling via Pardikie’s standing, he asks): Tell me extra in regards to the saggy boobs.

Pardikie: It’s a motion by the creator of ‘What A Time To Be Alone’ by Chidera Eggerue (Instagram: @theslumflower). I like her boldness in going towards the established order and representing girls who’ve saggy boobs.

She desires to normalize it, and I need to as effectively. I used to have low self-esteem as a result of after shedding a lot weight, my boobs grew to become saggy.

And it appears so petty a problem, however it drained my self-esteem. Because even relations make it look like you aren’t regular. Till I labored on myself and have become this assured.

Abugre: (shy and anxious): Did you as soon as have standing [perky] breasts?

Pardikie: (laughs): Lol …Oh sure, once I was very younger, however then I began gaining weight and being on and off [thus gaining and losing weight] and it made my pores and skin unfastened and saggy, particularly the breasts space.

Abugre: Why do you discuss with your breast as saggy?

Pardikie: No, it’s a dictionary phrase. There’s perky for standing breasts and saggy for fallen breasts.

I really obtained to find out about this motion from the @theslumflower on Instagram…. and I’m planning on creating some consciousness in my very own small circles.

Abugre: Interesting.

Pardikie: So I’m getting ready an article on that.

Abugre: Boobs are a part of a girl, they usually play a important position in her life.

Pardikie: Definitely

Abugre: Which group of individuals made you are feeling unhealthy about your boobs? Men or Women?

Pardikie: Well in SHS I couldn’t tub with the ladies within the open tub home as a result of they’d go foolish feedback, and it was annoying as a result of I noticed their imperfections as effectively, however I didn’t suppose it was irregular.

Abugre: So what has been the misconception about saggy breast?

Pardikie: Oh most individuals say that for a younger lady to have saggy boobs then she will need to have been promiscuous.

Abugre: So unhappy.

Pardikie: Lol

Abugre: Did you strive doing something to get a perky breast?

Pardikie: Lol, to not alter it with surgical procedure or something, apart from, I can’t afford surgical procedure.

However, I attempted pure cures like carrot, cucumber and shea butter which assist the pores and skin, however it doesn’t assure it changing into perky.

Abugre: Will you have got opted for surgical procedure in the event you had the cash? What occurs to the pores and skin?

Pardikie: Never. Honestly, earlier than, I might give {that a} second thought if I had the cash however for now… I’ve grown a lot that I do know surgical procedure doesn’t remedy low self-esteem points as a result of it’s deep-rooted in our minds and notion. After the surgical procedure, then what? Will you alter your butt as effectively? Then what? Your nostril?

Oh no, I need to be the woman who was assured and completely different.

I owe me now to God, my mum and the @theslumflower for letting me know that I might be every thing I need to be, it doesn’t matter what the world says. That’s how folks make historical past.

Abugre: I’m grateful you shared your story with me.

Pardikie: Lol certain grateful that you just listened to me as effectively.

Abugre: Do you have got mates who’ve saggy breasts?

Pardikie: No I don’t.

Abugre: Alright.


The Conversation with Pardikie in 2022

Listening to Poetra Asantewa’s poem ‘Love Yourself’ after my shift, I revisited this dialog with Pardikie in June 2022, who I described as ‘Odeeshi’ [a street word meaning ‘being immune to pain’].

It has been 4 years because the dialog in 2018, and Pardikie remains to be resilient. She solely confirmed that she might probably have a surgical process if she will afford it and if solely the problems ‘aren’t that unhealthy’.

No, don’t misread this as lingering low self-esteem. She nonetheless stands by her phrases as not being swayed by society’s perceptions of the perfect girl’s breast.

What are your ideas about saggy breasts?

Time with Dr Kelvin Owusu [Head, Occupational Health & Wellness, Claron Health International]

Dr Owusu explains that “the breast structure is such that it’s predominately made up of fats with some suspension ligaments with a pores and skin protecting it. There’s no muscle in there so naturally when you perceive this, it tells you that each one breasts will sag in some unspecified time in the future.

Below are 5 factors he shared as the explanations for sagging breasts;

  1. Aging; breast will sag as a consequence of ageing; as a result of as you get older your pores and skin [tissues] turns into loosed and also you’ll naturally start to sag.
  2. Weight change; extremes of weight change; so in the event you had been to realize quite a lot of weight and since the breast is predominately manufactured from fats, quite a lot of it goes into the breast which is able to make the breast heavy so the added weight will make it sag.
    If you had been to drop some weight considerably and since there’s quite a lot of fats within the breast if you drop some weight the fats in your breast begins to lose. Simply, if the breast was large due to the fats and when that further fats is misplaced the breast will sag.
  3. Hormones; Some hormones in relation to menstruation will trigger the breast to change into larger in some unspecified time in the future within the menstrual cycle and these hormones, when they’re not lively, may even trigger the breast to change into smaller and saggy.
  4. Attitude; this refers to the way you deal with your breast, which might trigger them to sag.
    The subsequent level is a little bit controversial;  sporting a brassiere can really make your breast sag sooner than the final inhabitants. If you by no means wore a brazier, your pores and skin ligaments will likely be used to doing their jobs in suspending the breast however if you begin sporting a brazier, the suspension ligaments type of overlook that they’re supposed to carry the breast as a result of the brazier has taken over. So some folks, after they put on braziers for some time, their breasts sag.
    This doesn’t apply to everyone, however some folks do undergo that.
  5. Heredity, in case your mom has saggy breasts that imply you’ll too, and you may’t do something about it.

Nutritionist Akosua on Saggy Breasts

She defined that food plan contributes to both having a perky or saggy breast subsequently if one desires to scale back the scale of the breast, “one needs to be on a low-calorie diet because it has a way of reducing the breast tissue so once there is a reduction as far as whatever is contributing to it being fuller is reduced obviously naturally it will shrink.”

Below is an interview on the vitamin section on #BreakfastDaily which is Citi TV’s morning present. It sheds extra mild on the problem.

Source: Ghananewsupdate

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