Miiracell Plus

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Miiracell Plus is a stem cell based product designed and produced to regenerate dead, weak and sickly cells to healthy and strong cells. This helps the body to naturally heal and rejuvenate becoming as healthy and strong at its peak.

Stroke/CVA Vision Problems
Hypertension Neuropathy
Diabetes Chronic Kidney Diseases
Sickle Cell Disease Chronic Liver Diseases
Fibroids Hepatitis B
Infertility Stomach ulcers
Low sperm count Breast cancer and other cancers
Menstrual Problems Osteoporosis and osteomalacia
Vitiligo Unhealing or chronic wounds

Not contraindicated in any situation

Apple stem cell
Goji berry
Salmon ovary peptide
Kiwi fruit
Bee propolis

Dosage Form:

1 sachet daily
2 sachet daily for severe cases

Direction for use:
Pour one sachet of miiracell plus under your tongue (sublingual administration) early in the morning before breakfast. Allow content to be absorbed. Drink 500mls of water after 30 mins, continue to drink a lot of water during the day. You could eat after an hour of administering miiracell plus. Repeat everyday until desirable results is achieved.

Repeat this direction morning and evening if treating severe cases. Do as last thing in the evening, after meals before bed.

Miiracell plus can be taken with any other drugs you are currently taking, just make sure that there is a 1 hour time difference between taking the miiracell and the other drugs involved.

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