Taabea Taacum Herbal Honey Paste

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Taabea Taacum – A Pure and organic honey for male vitality made from herbs

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Full One Box contains 6 pieces (GHS162.00)


Cinnamon, tumeric, flaxseed, blackpepper, ginger

and ginseng


Honey for male vitality


Adult: One (1) full stick a day an hour before meal

Dosage form

honey paste


3.7/5 (30 Reviews)

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4.00 Overall
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4 reviews for Taabea Taacum Herbal Honey Paste

  1. Ayer Edem

    Great product!

  2. Anthony Kofi

    Taabea Taacum really saved my relationship. Thanks Rafamall!

  3. Jay Pledge

    Yet to try it but why is it that is ¢25.00 here and others are selling it for ¢32.00 elsewhere

  4. Kweku Opoku (verified owner)

    Good service

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